The software is designed to management Small and large Scale Hotels
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TradeMeSoft Technology

The TradeMeSoft hotel software is something that is very simple and is unique in its layout. This software is typically simple in its implementation and its running. The TradeMeSoft hotel software usually comes with diverse security and is laid out in a fashion that makes it simple for someone to utilize.
TradeMeSoft hotel software is designed to management Small and large Scale Hotels. TradeMeSoft hotel typically only provide a focused set of features for guest amenities or front desk operations. Basic front desk features for TradeMeSoft hotel software would include reservations management (check-in/check-out, booking, room availability, and unoccupied rooms), guest profile management, rate management (rate/Tax rating), reporting capabilities, customer communication, night audit, daily ledger, and housekeeping management/maintenance. Back office features include accounts payable, asset accounting, and general inventory.
Complete Solution Better Look, Easy To Manage,
Secured and User Friendly.
Better Integration of Modules/Reports,
Low Establishment Cost,
Easy to Learn/Teach.
Multi User, Network Enabled
Serves Multi purpose in Single Application.

Optional Integration Applications are (Additional Cost)
1) Restaurant Software/POS Software
2) Auto SMS Application/Email Application.
3) Room Reservation Engine(website integration).
4) Cash Drawer
5) Call Accounting Software
6) Time and Attendance with Payroll Application
7) Door Lock System
8) Building Rent Management Software.
9) Spa /Beauty Salon Billing System
10) Internet Billing System.
11) Sport Equipment Rental Software

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